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Chamomile Investment Consultants Chamomile Investment Consultants is focused on the business of Financial Planning, located at Adyar, Chennai. With us, you have a financial advisor over the life cycle, right through and we ensure you take the path designed to meet your goals.

"Financial Planning" is not a commodity that can be bought over a retail counter. It is an agreement between a client and a Financial Planner to undergo a pre-defined process over a medium to long period of time. The process is oriented towards enabling clients to meet their goals in life. In this world of product pushers, a need-based approach sometimes is forgotten or given least importance. Just talk to us or make a visit to get an idea of how this service will be of use to you.

Sridevi - Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)

We believe "Financial Planning" is the ideal way in advising clients. Financial Planning Industry in India is now regulated by SEBI. This could only be done by Registered Investment Adviser with fiduciary responsibility. Our Chief Financial Planner Sridevi is an Investment Adviser registered with SEBI as an Individual Adviser. and is holding a CFPCM certification awarded by Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), India. The advantages of interacting with a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser cum Certified Financial Planner is that you can, undergo a predefined set of processes, get holistic advice, get to know about a wide range of financial instruments and get the big picture approach to your financial goals.

We specialize in Retirement Planning to individuals. Financial Planning & Financial Advisory is our core business, and we are Financial Advisors first.

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