First step in the right direction. You need to explain what you are looking for and the advisor will explain how she can help you reach your goals. She needs to understand basic details about you, your family, and your goals. If both ends are in sync, will move to next step. There will be no charges for this meeting.
Once both agree to work together, your KYC details will be collected, and Letter of Engagement will be provided. You need to sign and pay full fees. The advisor will collect all information and documents needed for preparing your financial plan. Please note that your plan is as good as your Data. Risk Tolerance questionnaire will be initiated at this stage.
This is a very important session and you are requested to attend the session with your spouse. The advisor will understand your financial goals, your thought process about money and its management, why you do what you do with money. The advisor listens till you complete your story. Everyone is unique and listening to your priorities is very important.
- The advisor will prepare your goals list and get approval from you over mail
The advisor will explain your risk profile and recommend asset allocation strategies for you. You will be able to make an informed decision about how to work on asset allocation suitable for you in the long run and how to build financial resources to fund your goals. The advisor explains how financial investments can help you reach your goals comfortably. Pros and cons of most of the major investments and basics in personal finance are explained here.
- You choose your asset allocation, and the advisor will work on it.
The advisor now has your goals, income, expenses, investment details, risk profile and your choice for asset allocation. She will prepare your financial road map with action points for each goal and suitable investment products. The plan will also cover your basic requirements such as protection need analysis, and emergency fund requirements. Your goals are provided with high priority. The plan focuses on how to reach your goals comfortably.
- Your financial plan will be discussed along with all numbers and workings
Thanks for your patience. You will be provided with investment advise on what you need to do for each goal. You need to implement your financial plan on your own.
- The advisor recommends you to invest in direct plan for MF investments and chose direct option for all investments wherever applicable
Wish you Happy investing
Request your feedback on our process
Life is dynamic and your financial plan needs to be updated for changes in your financial life. You are advised to review your financial situation once in year. You need to approach your financial planner for review.
Less frequent the actions, better your financial life